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Florence is chameleonic: if you are 20, 40, 60 or even older, you will live the town in a completely different way, always the right one.
In the Florence touring section i suggest many tours of different types to guide you through the beauties of Florence.
When you decide to come to Florence, one of he first questions running through your head is: “Is Florence expensive?
Well, usually it is, but you can save a lot of money and fully enjoy the town if you spend a little time in planning your holiday.
So first of all you should ask yourself some basic questions such as:

Which is the best period to visit Florence? Usually the best period is from April to the end of July, August is normally very hot, but last year it was very mild, the weather is changing all over the world and also here! September and October are very good months. In November, part of December, part of January, February and March you can find good discounts for accommodation.

Florence accommodation is easy to find, you can find many type of lodgings in the accommodation page.
You can find accommodation in Florence of every kind at every price but keep in mind that very cheap often means little cleanliness or a unsafe street or a not recently restored building and probably a location far from the city center and no comforts. I suggest you to take a look at the usual prices for accommodation in Florence and try to choose something in that price range.
Use the Florence Map to establish the exact position of your lodging.

How long?
I feel to say As long as you can! One week is enough to enjoy Florence and also to visit San Giminiano and Siena (one day trip) and Pisa. But you could stay in Florence one year and visit every day a new place!
Florence is a little town, you can walk around the city centre in a couple of days, but you need much more time to visit the Churches, the monuments and the museums you meet along your walk.

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