Before starting this part I had a look in internet the main web sites about Tuscan food, the most of them are web sites of some schools who are looking for students, of some restaurants who are looking for regular customers etc.
I like cooking, I’m mother of a large family, I cook every day and as I was born and live in Florence I cook in the usual Florentine way. From this point of view I’ll speak about Florentine recipes and typical Tuscan food.
What i present next is a detailed description of the typical dishes of Florence and a wide selection of typical florentine recipes.

Eating is a serious matter in Italy. Cooking and food are among the finest expressions of Italian culture, vividly portraying the country’s history and traditions. Like all other arts, cooking is based on measures and proportions, on the balance and fusion of different elements. It blends ancient traditions with contemporary innovation and evolves constantly, even in the twenty- first century, as a result of its position at the center of Italian family life.
At home with family or friends, for a special occasion, in a fancy restaurant or in a humble trattoria, or even when preparing a simple everyday meal, for us, cooking is synonymous with good food, good wine and good company.
Tuscan and Florentine food is simple and poor, this comes from the poorness of a not so far time, when usually a family ate meat only once a week, on Sunday and also this time an inexpensive cut of meat (boiled). Under this point of view the soups were better than the pasta, and the olive oil of local production was better than the lard.
These traditions in florentine culinary art have been handed down through generations until our days.

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