I am an italian woman who loves cooking and i come from a family with a long tradition in tuscan cookery.
Here are some recipes of mine, I describe them as I prepare them, some chef would not agree with me, but these are home made recipes, simple and traditional. All the following recipes are in line with the typical florentinie cooking tradition and some of them were handed down through generations.

Typical florentine recipes:

Antipasti = Starters (Hors d'oeuvres)

Primi piatti = First courses

Zuppe e Minestre = Florentine Soups

Sughi e salse = Florentine Sauces

Piatti di mezzo = Intermediate dishes

Secondi Piatti = Second courses

Contorni = Side dishes – vegetables

Uova = Eggs

Dolci e biscotti = Cakes and florentine biscuits

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