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This Florence Italy site is written by florentines as a tribute the their beloved Florence.
This is not the same old Florence touring guide, of course we provide the usual Florence tourist information but we mainly focus on the less known Florence fatcts.
We offer information about the true genuine life in Florence as seen through the eyes of people who have been living there since they were born, people who love their city, its history, people who breathe the art of Florence and who is inspired by a true love for the Florentine culture and traditions.
What we want to give is a...

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This tourist guide offers more tourist information about Florence in Italy than usual Italy Florence travel guides: this tourist guide is all written by Florence people who actually spend thir life in Florence, Italy. That's why we say that the Florence resources we offer in this touring guide have a "Florentine point of view".
The information about touring Florence Tuscany Italy are detailed and a lot of information are given to provide the tourists the best advices for their holiday in Florence.

Florence Italy Tourist Information

Florence tourist resources for vacation in Florence holiday are provided in this guide for Florence tourist information, like many guides we give important advices on Florence Italy tourism but in this guide we also add informations on the less known tours in Florence Italy. When you plan your holiday in Florence we suggest to read our guide of Florence Italy as it offers unvaluable information for your holiday in Tuscany Italy.

From accommodation in Florence to museums like Academia or the Uffizi Gallery, we provide all the useful Florence information and resource for your holiday; travel information on museums and monuments in the Florence art section of this guide.
The history of Florence is covered in detais in this travel guide which reveals many unknown Florence facts, the renaissance in Florence produced a variety of maserpieces you can visit during your holiday stay in Florence: every museum in Florence offer lots of italian art worth to visit. Want to discover Florence riding a scooter ? Try Florence vespa rental and book your vespa with GPS tours so you can drive around Florence with your scooter.

We will give tourist information about shopping in Florence: markets shops, stores and outlets with the best italian style firms in Florence. You will find useful advices on shopping in Florence.

Here you will find also a lot of Florence recipes of the traditional italian cookery, every florentine recipe include step by step instructions to make a typical florence cooking dish.

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