Accommodation in Florence

Accommodation is one of the things that makes the difference for a pleasant holiday in Florence, that's why we have compiled a selection of the best lodgings in Florence for you to choose from. Depending on your budget and taste you may want to consider a hotel accommodation, that's usually the most expensive solution but hotels in Florence offer a variety of services which could match your needs. On the other hand you may prefer to rent an apartment in Florence if you want to save money and also enjoy the intimacy this kind of accommodation offers, apartments for rent are cheaper that hotels and could be the best bet for long term accommodation.
If you are on a low budget you could think of a bed and breakfast for your short term lodging in Florence, this is a convenient alternative to hotel or apartment accommodation and it therefore puts you in direct contact with florentine people who host you in their house and gives you advices on how to live Florence the florentine way.
For students looking for cheap accommodation in Florence we offer various properties and rooms to stay in Florence during your study course, this site has also a section dedicated to studying in Florence with a lot of useful informations.
Now have a look through our categories and find the Florence accommodation that best fits you.


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